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Countryaire Saddle Leather Plain Toe - Black

$250.00 USD

  • Sport Lace-Up
  • Lightweight All-Season Rubber Sole
  • Breathable Neoprene Performance Lining
  • Heel-to-Toe Comfort System
  • Handcrafted on the Countryaire Last
  • Color: Black

“Times they are a changin” by Bob Dylan was released by Warner Brothers records in 1964. Still today those lyrics ring true, even in the realm of style. Remember office attire for the business man 10 years ago? Dark suit, ironed shirt, necktie, socks, and a lace-up dress shoe with leather sole were the standard. Today, because of the availability of great jobs, and competition for qualified employees, most companies have relaxed their standards to an unimpressive, and disappointing level of dress expectations. They seem to have forgotten (whether we like it or not) that people judge people based on personal appearance. It’s natural human behavior, right?

At Martin Dingman we believe there is a time and place for jeans, golf shirts, joggers, and sneakers, but not in the business world. To bring a fresh, new approach to the classic office look, we have developed the Martin Dingman CountryAire. This innovative and versatile “casual-dress” collection shouts “I’m on it, I pay attention, and I care what I look like”. The CountryAire is handcrafted from premium leathers, includes a breathable, neoprene lining, and is finished with an updated, ultra lightweight, advanced compound sole. The comfort level of this best selling collection is off the charts to say the least.

Pay attention, look your best at the office, or with clients, sporting the CountryAire with five pockets, a sport coat and tie, or with jeans and a linen shirt on the weekends. As Martin says, “your personal appearance can open doors that most will never have the opportunity to walk through”! “Times, they are a changin.”