Rudyard Coachman Tumbled Saddle Leather and Ballistic Nylon Garment Bag

-  Authentic Tumbled Saddle Leather
-  Water Resistant and Lightweight, Signature Lining
-  Two Zippered Pockets
-  Cast Solid Brass, Nickel Finish Hardware
-  Measures 45” x 22 1/2”.
-  Available for Corporate Gifts
-  May Increase Your Desire to Travel the World

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As a young adventurer you missed your share of flights, spent too many nights in less than desirable hotel rooms, and otherwise paid your rookie dues.  Now, as a seasoned traveler, it is time to discard that old hand me down and carry a piece that reflects who you truly are.  As a well travelled man with style, you deserve an exquisite bag to accompany you on those remarkable journeys.  You have earned the badge, the right to a well crafted piece, one that over the years will become a trusted travel companion.  The Garment Bag features an internal zippered pocket as well as an exterior. Measures 45” x 22 1/2”.