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Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

You have heard it said, "A dog is man's best friend". Murphy, my first child was a golden retriever, so I must agree. No offense cat lovers, but a great dog is unparalleled when it comes to being a loving friend. They seem to have absolutely no concern and do not even notice when you have put on a few extra pounds or when your hair has thinned. Good times or bad, they will always love you unconditionally. There are a couple of other friends that I have come to love over the years, genuine alligator and crocodile. Not the ones in the bayou or the Nile, but the shoe, belt or wallet made from these exquisite, timeless and incomparable leathers.

With the multitude of varying functions a man is required to attend, how does he know what shoe and belt combination is acceptable? Or which shade of the vast array of leather colors is correct with that linen sport coat or tuxedo?

If you take a few minutes to assess the way men are accessorized when at the airport or office, you will soon learn that men are accessory challenged! Have you witnessed the black shoe and brown belt faux paux or the dress belt with jeans horror? Maybe you have even had to endure the belt with suspenders misdemeanor! If you are guilty of committing one of the aforementioned fashion crimes, keep the faith. Alligator and crocodile will greatly simplify and improve your life almost as much as owning a great dog!

There are a few select, unique and coveted items in our culture that are never considered out of style. Such as diamonds, a navy blazer, picnics, Ray Charles, and baseball. Alligator and crocodile rank right at the top among the favorites of the affluent and influential. The reason? These exotic skins can be worn with everything from khaki cargo shorts to linen, your favorite jeans or best custom tailored suit. They are undoubtedly the most versatile leathers in a well dressed man's wardrobe today. Alligator and crocodile go with virtually everything a man can possibly pull out of his closet and are never considered out of style

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