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Old Saddle Leather

Old Saddle Leather

Remember back to your youth…when you went on that trail ride during summer camp?  Or maybe your grandfather had a beautiful appaloosa that you rode during family visits.  If you are like me, you may have spent much of your childhood on a ranch and many hours in the saddle.  Those leisurely rides were filled with the beautiful sights and sounds that always accompany horseback riding.  One sound that is unmistakable and has remained with me to this day is the sound of a good saddle.  For those who have never ridden a horse, yes, saddles do make a distinctive "creaking".  What you actually hear is the rubbing together of the various components of a saddle that has been made from genuine vegetable tanned leather. 

What is vegetable tanned leather?  Hunters from ancient civilizations would hollow out an old stump, fill it with water and the bark of a tree.  They would then submerse their animal hides in this solution to actually "tan" the skin.  This old world tanning process dates back many centuries, as Attila the Hun, Alexander the Great, and Marco Polo most certainly owned saddles made from this extremely durable leather.  The inherent nature of this spectacular material enables it to withstand rain, sun, and snow, extreme temperatures, as well as tremendous wear and tear.  Have you ever seen an old, worn, scratched and scarred saddle that has gained its beautiful character from years of use?  These "old friends" will long out last their original owner if cared for properly.

Martin Dingman insists on this same leather for the linings on all of his dress belts.  The finest equestrian outfitters continue to use Saddle Leather in producing world class tack.  This magnificent leather is unparalleled in beauty and performance, and is the foundation on which Martin creates the worlds very best.  And just like an old saddle, Martin Dingman Saddle Leather lined belts will certainly get better with age!

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